Responsible Gambling: Everything You Need to Know About It

The gambling market is constantly growing and developing, despite various restrictions and prohibitions. The industry actively uses the latest Internet technologies and the latest mechanisms to attract new players, capturing an increasing audience every year. Fortunately, the recently emerging trend towards responsible gambling is gaining momentum.

For some people, gambling becomes not just entertainment but also an addiction that leads to deterioration in financial situation, a decrease in living standards, and even health problems. Every player needs to remember that gambling can be fun and rewarding if he/she handles it responsibly.

Otherwise, players can face some unpleasant consequences.

  • What is responsible gambling?
  • What can you do to prevent this from happening?
  • Let’s explore the issue attentively in the information below.
  • Responsible Gambling: Meaning of the Term

Responsible gambling is a program that is currently implemented by almost every legal casino. The main goal of the project is to protect gamblers prone to addiction from gambling. However, adhering to responsible gambling and working according to this system is also important because, in this way, legal casinos form a new image of the industry, where money betting is just entertainment.

Responsible gambling is at the core of all decent online and land-based casinos. It empowers everyone to enjoy games responsibly. This is a great opportunity for visitors over 21 to diversify their leisure time in a quality manner.

The Way to Gamble Responsibly

If you realize that gambling is only the way to entertain oneself, then everything is “ok” with you. Following a simple rule might be helpful in many situations: “always remember about your playing limits and place realistic bets.”

The more tips to follow can include the next points:

  • Gambling should be treated as entertainment, not a way to generate income;
  • The player must be prepared for the fact that one may lose money. This outcome of events must be taken as part of the game;
  • Gambling should not occupy a significant part of a person’s life. To prevent this from happening, it is important to alternate visiting the casino with other entertainments;
  • The player must independently set the size of the maximum amount that he can spend without negative consequences for oneself and/or own family;
  • Establish time frames for casino games. The gambler must personally determine how much time one can spend in the casino;
  • Never play games in stress or depression. It is not recommended taking part in gambling for persons who are in a state of alcoholic, drug, or toxic intoxication, or those who are depressed. Gambling should not be perceived as a way to deal with moral or physical pain;

How Can You Detect a Gambling Problem?

There is nothing wrong with gambling for money or even being a high roller for those who happily and regularly risk significant sums of money – all this still does not make someone a problem gambler. However, it is also true that even those who play from time to time and at small stakes can potentially suffer from frustration and gambling addiction – everything depends on the behavior of the player during the game.

The main signs you should never ignore:

  • Exceeding limits for casino games. Some gamblers need to take more and more risks to continue to feel the same level of adrenaline from gambling.
  • Inability to stop the game. Attempts to limit the game time or stop playing lead to anxiety and irritability.
  • Obsession with gambling and inability to control or stop gambling.
  • Gambling ceases to be entertainment. Gambling is used as a means of dealing with oppression.
  • Using savings (or borrowing) to continue playing in the casino.

Having one or two of these behaviors does not necessarily indicate a serious problem. But if you have more than one of these behaviors, then you are most likely having problems.

How Can You Ask For Help in Coping with Gambling Problems?

If it is necessary to cope with gambling problems, there are many tools to implement.

Self-Restriction Instruments

The best online casinos offer setting limits as an easy and responsible way to play for entertainment purposes only. Talk to casino managers or contact the loyalty center for more information, and they will gladly help you.

You can set the following voluntary restrictions:

  • For the time you can spend in the casino (slots and tables);
  • For the amount of money you can spend playing at a casino;
  • For the maximum number of casino visits during a calendar month.

GambleAware: Website to Help Addicted Players

GambleAware is a special Internet platform where people can find live support (phone line or live chat) in their gambling addiction. The service works 24/7 and its professionals are ready to help all those players who are brave enough to ask for help.

Gambling Therapy in Action

Many people with gambling addiction seek and find self-help groups where they can discuss their problems with other people who have (or are suffering) from the same problems to find an acceptable solution. There are free organizations that offer communication and healing options for gambling addicts.

Stay in Control and Gamble Responsibly

If you think you are suffering from gambling addiction (or someone you know is suffering from it), then we encourage you to seek help. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you to get rid of gambling addiction if you have one. Please play responsibly in both traditional and online casinos!