Live Dealer Roulette: Betting Types, Bonuses, And Different Variations

Canadian gamblers interested in collecting information on live roulette must read this guide. We are writing this content specifically for players to help them play the online table game smoothly. Over the last few years, gambling has gained tremendous popularity. Everyone wishes to collect information about a particular game before investing their cash.

Best Live Roulette Casinos in Canada

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    If you are one of them, this review on the best live roulette casinos would be the right one to go through. We include details on how to pick an online site, types of bets, factors to rate a site, the working of this table game, and many more. After you complete reading the guide, pick up the exclusive online gambling site and register to gamble.

    About The Working Of Live Dealer Roulette

    While checking out options for this particular table game, players will come across hundreds of titles. In order to have the ultimate gaming experience, it is crucial to check the best in business. Real dealer online roulette Canada is similar to land-based casinos, and if they have played, it would be easier. One difference is the online version allows them to play from anywhere through a site and an internet connection.

    The video comes with a live roulette croupier, and gamers are seated at virtual tables. With every version of the game, the rules are comparatively the same. The benefit is that gamblers can speak with other enthusiasts and dealers through the chatbox.

    Unlike other online gambling games, you can play this live dealer roulette in real-time. It gives a more authentic feel while placing wagers and feels like bettors are in a land-based casino. Many of them prefer playing this form of the game as they are more exciting.

    Factors To Test the Best Online Casinos

    If you start searching for online gambling sites, hundreds of options will pop up. But the question is how to decide which website would be a suitable option to pick for gambling. Here are a few parameters that will guide you to select a website to play, and they are:

    • Welcome And No-Deposit Bonuses: Bonuses are something without which betting looks a bit boring. Additionally, you do not wish to invest their money, thinking if they lose it all. With all these aspects in mind, the gambling sites offer a welcome bonus to all. It can be either in the form of no deposit or deposit bonuses. While checking registration bonuses, you must pay attention to the wagering requirements as well.
    • Mobile Compatibility: While checking for an online gambling website, you must find out if it is compatible with mobile devices. If so, you would be able to play the games from your smartphones at any point. Some brands might not have an application or a mobile-friendly site. That’s why you must check the compatibility of the site with the phone before registering.
    • Huge Jackpots: Apart from the signup bonus, huge jackpots are another section you must check out. Under this program, you will enjoy several perks like better payout chances, free spins, play tournaments and gain cash rewards, etc. Look for a site that comes with a huge jackpot to enjoy the offers.
    • Loyalty Program: Who does not want to become a member of the loyalty program? Through this program, you can earn loyalty points to redeem cash afterward. But not all websites have this program, so you have to be a little careful when looking for them.
    • Real Dealer Software: The software needs to be fantastic for a real roulette live to work perfectly well with an uninterrupted stream. To seamlessly and stream the games, the top gambling sites will employ the leading names in the software firms. Some of the top software providers are Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, Visionary iGaming, etc. They use advanced state-of-the-art technology, allowing videos to look clear, clean, and play without disruptions.
    • Fast Payout: Some websites have a faster payout, which means you will get your winnings on time. Here you do not have to wait for an extended period to get your money credited to your account. Thus, check the percentage on the site and then decide whether to sign in or not.
    • Secure & Safe: The safety and security of the website are other parameters that you must never forget. For security, the site uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology which encrypts all details. A safe website will allow a safe way of gambling, and through that, you can enjoy playing for real money.
    • Easy Deposits: Check out the banking options available on the best live roulette site. If easy deposit options are not present, making transactions would be extremely difficult. The easiest options are credit or debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Trustly, etc.

    Based on the above parameters, you can pick an ideal site to invest your money and gamble.

    The Best Online Live Roulette Websites To Play

    1. Casigo Casino: This online gambling site is managed by White Hat Gaming Limited and operated by Spectus Media Limited. It started functioning in September 2020 and has earned a good number of bettors. It has 1500 games to explore on the gambling site. The welcome bonus offers that the brand gives up to CA$1100 and 375 free spins.
    2. JackpotCity Casino: This Canadian online site was established in 1998. It gives a signup bonus of 100% up to CA$1600, which you can redeem in four deposits. Besides that, there are a bonus wheel and daily deals for all gamblers.
    3. LiveRoulette Casino: It is another online gaming website to play live roulette Canada. The site has over 50 live casino games which you can explore after signing up. As a registration bonus, it gives up to CA$150 to use while gambling.

    Ways To Play Roulette in a Live Casino

    Playing this type of game is exciting compared to slots. Before beginning your gambling journey, you have to first look for a licensed online site featuring the games to play. After that, you can pick from the options available to gamble. Make sure that you look for whether the games are live dealers or online.

    The next step is to create a gaming account and grab the bonus offer the site gives you. But if you are unsure which version to choose, here is a section where we discuss the different variants to look for.

    The Different Live Roulette Variants

    • French: French is similar to European with no difference between them except for the betting field layout. Hence, you can use the basic strategy to play the game. The change in the layout will never have any influence on the entire gameplay.
    • European: This classic variation is the most popular game with a single zero and 36 numbers. It is the most basic variant and easy to learn.
    • Immersive: It is known as the High Definition game as you can enjoy it with the best online gambling sites only. It is designed using the best software that provides the highest definition.
    • La Partage: La Partage is like a game feature where you get a part of the wager back when the ball ends up on zero.
    • Speed: This variant has a reduced spin time than an average of 40 to 60 seconds. If you are a gamer wishing to spend a small amount of time, it is the perfect game to play.
    • Double ball: Compared to regular variations, it is a more advanced form where two balls roll out instead of one. It means you will get twice as many combinations of colours, numbers, etc.
    • Dual Play: It is a translation of the roulette table where you can have fun playing with other bettors.
    • Ra: In this game, you have an opportunity to make additional wagers that can increase over time. By the end of the game, it can generate a massive amount of additional capital.
    • Slingshot: This game does not have a live dealer and is operated using compressed air automatically.
    • High Stakes Roulette: Players interested in investing a considerable amount to place wagers must pick high stake roulette. But be cautious when you are playing this game, as once you are ready, your winning can elevate to another level.
    • Lightning Roulette: It comes with win multipliers that make your winning rate much faster and higher.
    • Low Stakes Roulette: Low stakes roulette is suitable for low stakes games as they do not have to invest a considerable amount. It will help them learn the game, and once they gain expertise, players can go for high stakes roulette.

    Live Gambling At Mobile Apps

    Playing this live table game is full of excitement as gamblers can earn big rewards. Online gaming sites have created mobile live roulette versions offered in applications to make betting easier for them. They can download the app to play from anywhere. Before you download any site, make sure to look for the device compatibility and the variation of games available. They must have the top software developers and should offer a smooth experience.


    When gambling on live roulette online, you will come across different types of bets. But the most important thing is the specific restrictions on the betting types that restrict you from wagering too much. For example, predicting the next colour is easier, like black or red, than guessing a number from 1 to 36. So, before moving ahead, you have to check the types of wagers available.

    Types Of Bets

    Outside Bets

    • Black/Red: Place a bet on whether the winning number will be red or black.
    • Low/High: The outcome of the bet will fall within 19 to 36 (High) or 1 to 18 (Low).
    • Even/Odd: The betting number will be whether odd or even.
    • Column: Pick the column where you think the ball will land.
    • Dozens: It covers a dozen numbers like 1 to 12, 25 to 36, or 13 to 24.

    Inside Bets

    • Split Bet: It is the opposite of a straight bet, and despite betting on a single number, you pick a line that separates two numbers.
    • Straight Up: It is a wager on a number like 1, 0, 13, 7, and if the ball lands on the place you choose, the reward is yours.
    • Corner: It is a split bet, and you are wagering on one of the four numbers that will come up.

    Call Bets

    • Voisins Du Zéro: It means “neighbours of zero,” and the wager covers digits closest to the zero present on a single zero roulette wheel. It requires at least nine chips, and 17 numbers lie between 22 and 25.
    • Tiers Du Cylindre: It means “thirds of the wheel,” which contains 12 numbers on the other side of the wheel. It is between 27 and 33.

    Live Roulette Bonuses

    • Match Deposit Bonus: In this offer, you get a deposit bonus for which a transaction needs to be made. It can be a 20%, a 50%, and a 100% up to x amount.
    • No Deposit Bonus: The online gambling website gives some money for free to play casino games. But before using, remember that there are playthrough requirements that you must achieve.

    Way To Win At Roulette

    We want to say straight away that online roulette Canada is a luck-based game. It means you cannot always be sure of winning all rounds. Every strategy works in different manners for different variants. However, the core idea remains the same.

    1. Firstly, you can go ahead with a colour strategy, like wager on colours and win small payouts over a long time. It is a suitable strategy to go for if you have patience and time.
    2. Secondly, place wagers on numbers, but you must know that they are riskier. However, they can give you more money on winning, and the chances of losing are high.
    3. Thirdly, you can go all-in and wager on different numbers, and the chance to win gets slim. But predicting the right number can give you a high amount as a reward.

    Check Out The Ways To Choose The Best Casino To Gamble

    • Firstly, check the reviews of the site to find out what gamblers have to say. If the existing players are not satisfied playing on the website, there is no point in registration. Understanding the players’ point of view is essential when it comes to looking for a gambling site.
    • The next parameter is to check the instant play bonus available on the site. Are there any bonus codes available to use to grab the offer, or do you have to make a deposit? Depending on that, you can grab the signup bonus to play.
    • Explore the variety of lobbies available from low to high bet so you can pick one that caters to your requirements. In this way, you can generate more profit by investing your money.

    Reason To Play Live Roulette

    icon 4The main reason for gambling is to have fun, as these games are filled with uncertainty. You do not know what will happen next, and it is the exact reason gamblers love to play casino games. The excitement of the bet’s outcome is the main reason for playing this live game.

    The next reason is it is an easy way to earn some money without putting in much effort. By playing this game, you can make some solid cashout. But there is no guarantee about winning as it is unpredictable. That’s why to be careful before you invest your real money.

    Learn How To Gamble On Mobile

    Most gamblers use smartphones, and they love to gamble from there. But it is only possible if they have a strong internet connection. About the gambling process, it is the same as playing on a desktop. It means you do not have to learn anything extra to gamble. But before everything else, you must download the application without fail.

    How Is Online Roulette Better Than Land-Based?

    vipThe most important thing is you do not have to visit a casino to play the games. You have to sign up on the site where you wish to play and start playing. It is as simple as that, which means you can save money and time in travelling. Additionally, you will have more time to enjoy your gambling journey. These are a few reasons you will get while playing online roulette.

    The Bottom Line

    Will you be able to play at a live roulette casino now? We have incorporated all the information on the game, which will help in playing. Now you can look for the top betting sites and the go-ahead to complete the registration process.


    Where can I play live roulette?
    You can play this live table game at JackpotCity Casino, LiveRoulette Casino, etc.
    Is it very different from standard online roulette?
    Yes, it is different as in live roulette, you play the game with a live dealer. The bets are placed in real-time, and stakes are revealed then and there.
    How can I win live roulette?
    It is a luck-based game, so there is no particular strategy that you can always stick to. Firstly, you can pick between colours to win small amounts and then go for a series of numbers to win big.
    Is it worth it to use a strategy?
    It depends on the situation of the game, as luck plays a significant role here.
    Is Live Roulette live?
    Yes, this table gamble is live.
    Is online casino roulette completely random or fixed?
    Well, it depends on the website where you are playing the games. A licensed and regulated site will ensure that the results are random and not fixed.
    What is a minimum wagering limit?
    The bet value starts from CA$1, but live roulette games have a higher value than CA$10.
    Can I play live roulette online for fun?
    Yes, you can play for fun. But here, you cannot enter live dealer lobbies and gamble for cash. For practice, it is an excellent way to go.
    Are odds the same as in land-based casinos' roulette tables?
    Yes, the odds are the same as you have the same wheels and numbers.
    What is live roulette Payout Percentages (RTP)?
    The wheel with a single zero and 36 numbers has an RTP of around 96%.
    How do players verify their accounts in the casino?
    For that, you have to register through your email address. Once it is done, you will receive a mail regarding the same.
    Can I have a promotion?
    Most sites offer welcome bonuses on registration which you can use while gambling.

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