What Is Online Roulette - Varieties of Roulette at Online Casinos in Canada

Roulette has been at the heart of the casino pyramid since time immemorial, representing something unlike anything else and enigmatic. The wheel, the ball and the numbers all come together at one point and at the end either bring sorrow or joy to the sufferer. In reality everything is more prosaic and most casino fans have become accustomed to the game, but that doesn’t detract from its merits. Over time a lot of varieties of the game, which are divided by geography as well as by differences in the game. Play the best online Roulette in Canada, and we’ll be sure to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best Online Roulette Websites in Canada

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    List of the Best Online Roulette Casinos 2021

    At the moment, there are plenty of decent online casinos in Canada can offer their customers quality service coupled with original and licensed software. We have decided to highlight some of them, based on the availability of as many varieties as possible.

    In each of these casinos you can play not only regular roulette, but a variety of it also in live mode.

    How We Test the Best Roulette Online Casinos

    Finding the good gambling establishment can be a time-consuming process, and it is not always advisable to trust advertisements. To ensure the safety of your personal data and finances, the choice of a decent institution should be taken in all seriousness. Guarantee complete safety and transparent terms of play are only able to legal casinos with roulette for dollars and other currencies, under the jurisdiction of the global arbitration organizations. Those include MGA, CIGA, etc.

    You should make sure that the club has a license and certificates. You can check the availability of the necessary documents on the home page of each website in the “Legal Information” section.

    Roulette Jackpots

    There is usually no jackpot in the classic versions, but there are models with cumulative sums that are played out on additional bets. Check the online casino’s site for information on specific models.

    Loyalty Program for Roulette Players

    Online casinos attract audiences with enticing rewards for registering, depositing funds and playing actively on the site. In most cases, these are cash or free spins to be used on slot machines. Sometimes operators allow wagering bonus credits on table games, which is advantageous because of the availability of equal odds bets: black or red, even or odd, more or less. By making these bets, the player minimizes the risk of losing, but can meet the wager conditions fairly quickly. The rewards vary depending on the action the gambler needs to perform in order to receive the reward:

    No deposit gifts. A no deposit roulette bonus in a casino is given to users for registering. Typically, this is some amount that goes into the bonus account after the creation of a new account and can be used to place bets.

    Welcome Bonus. Offered to users for one or more first deposits in their account. To receive the gift, you must make a minimum deposit and activate the gift in your personal cabinet.

    Deposit, Reload Bonus. It is given in the form of the monetary award for deposits on the certain day of a week or month. The player has the right to use this special offer on a regular basis.

    Roulette Software

    As for the providers themselves, the most common names are Evolution Gaming, NetEnt Live, BetGames, Vivo Gaming, Asia Live Tech and XPG.

    What is Roulette?

    It is a form of gambling, the outcome of which depends entirely on chance. (We do not consider those cases where the ball or elements of the design were deliberately manufactured to cheat players). It is a wheel, which is divided into 37-38 equal parts with numbered cells. A player bets on a number, a row of numbers or other variations and, if he guesses, wins.

    The number of pieces is around 300. And each of the elements must fit perfectly. Any deformation will have an effect on the ball movement and reduce the randomness effect, which should not be the case. The casino constantly monitors the roulette wheel for defects, which regular casino patrons can spot and use to increase their chances of winning. It’s even common practice to rotate different tables from time to time, and manufacturers make them specifically interchangeable of the same design.

    The Roulette Wheel

    The main element of the game is the wheel, which should be no more than 90 cm in diameter and weigh no more than 40 kg. The roulette wheel should be perfectly balanced and technically constructed to give an even distribution of results, without distortion.

    The wheel itself has 37 or 38 sectors (depending on the version) with numbers on it. Of these, 1 or 2 sectors are green, 18 sectors are black and 18 sectors are red. The colours have to alternate with each other in a special way, which depends on the version.

    The Roulette Table

    The table or betting board can vary in size and designation, it is the area on which players place their bets. The betting field consists of numbers from 0 (00) to 36 (37). All numbers are grouped in three rows of 12 numbers, each row consisting of three numbers.

    The playing field is divided into 2 types:

    • The inner field is betting on specific numbers or a group of numbers. For instance, betting on 2 numbers at once (Split).
    • The outer field is additional fields, which surround the field with numbers – Even/Odd, Red/Black etc.

    Accordingly, bets on these fields are also divided into external and internal bets.

    Types of Roulette

    There are many subspecies of roulette, so let’s take a brief look at the most popular ones.

    European Roulette

    This kind appeared thanks to the Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc, who in 1842 added a green 0 (zero) element to the classic wheel. European Roulette is one of the most popular games on the continent. The wheel contains 37 cells, of which the numbers 1-36 and the zeroes. Rules of the game have a classical look, only the betting field and the wheel contain one zero (0).

    The player can bet on any number, a group of numbers, a characteristic (e.g., black or white, even or odd) or the special rules of En Prison and La Partage (we’ll talk about these bets separately).

    American Roulette

    American Roulette, as its name makes clear, originated in the USA. its history is not very remarkable. After François and Louis Blanc introduced the 0 (zero) to roulette, roulette went around the world and gained popularity in the US including around the early 1800s, establishments in the US added an extra cell 00 (double zero) to the wheel, which increased the casino’s advantage over players. The game was introduced in the late 1700s by French immigrants who were making their feet from the French Revolution. Most of them, fleeing to the south of the USA, to the state of Louisiana.

    Originally the game had two zeros and just 28 numbers, with a casino advantage of 12 per cent or more. But such predatory interest didn’t last long, also due to gambling platform competition.

    American Roulette is basically a copy of European Roulette, but with a few special features:

    • The numbers on the roulette wheel are in a slightly different order.
    • Roulette also has an extra 00 slot.
    • There’s an extra five bet (Five Bet).

    French Roulette

    French roulette, in its current form, appeared in Europe around the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century, gaining success amid casino players of that period. It is safe to say that this is the original version of roulette, which was invented and began to change in different countries. That is to say European Roulette and American Roulette are both improved versions of the French one.

    The main difference between European Roulette and American Roulette:

    • The playing field has a different look.
    • The betting symbols are in French.
    • Changed the layout of the roulette wheel.
    • Added verbal bets with an extra field.
    • Existence of specialised rules.

    Multi Ball Roulette

    Roulette Multiball is an online roulette game where you can play multiple balls at once. The number of balls can be chosen by the client. It is possible to run up to ten balls at once in 1 spin.

    The game in Roulette Multiball is played by virtue of European rules. All traditional bets are accepted (internal and external). Itis possible to make so-called verbal bets using an additional track on the table layout. These are marked as Serie 5/8, Orphelins, Serie 0/2/3 and Zero. You can also bet on your neighbours.

    The range of bets accepted is very wide. On a spin allowed a total bet of fifty credits to five hundred thousand credits. Their denomination is determined by the casino rules.

    Multi Wheel Roulette

    In essence, Multi Wheel Roulette is a regular European roulette game with a standard playing field. All the most common bets can be placed here, including those placed by track and sector. This roulette also has an Expert Mode and an auto-play feature.

    Its main difference from regular roulette is that by placing bets on one field, you can trigger spins on eight wheels simultaneously.

    All eight wheels are pictured above the playing field. The player bets as they see fit and presses the Spin button. The wheels begin to spin and the balls are triggered. During the spin, the roulettes are shown in their entirety. After they all stop, only the section of the wheel where the ball stopped will be shown.

    Mini Roulette

    First, let’s look at the most eye-catching detail, namely the wheel. In mini roulette, it has 13 sectors, from 0 to 12. This is half the size of the roulette wheel we’re used to.

    It should be remembered at once, that mini roulette should stick to that strategy, which provides for 50% compensation bet if a “zero” comes up. Such a narrow choice in strategies is due to the fact that the casino benefit in this case is 7.69% and this is the worst indicator relative to the player. Using the above strategy, you will reduce this figure to 3.85% – a very respectable figure.

    La Partage

    La Partage is a special rule that is common in Europe. It sounds as follows:

    If a Zero (0) is struck, bets made on equal odds (Black/Red, Large/Small, Even/Odd) are not burned (not lost), but continue to participate in the next draw. If a zero (0) appears again in the next round then the bet loses. And if the bet with La Partage wins only the sum of the bet is returned to the player.

    Thus, the use of the La Partage rule reduces the advantage of European Roulette casinos on even odds (Black/Red, Big/Small, Even/Odd) to 1.35% and makes this the most profitable rule for players.

    En Prison

    En Prison – this rule is very similar to La Partage, except that it was created for French Roulette. In the case of a zero (0), only half of the bet on even odds (Black/Red, Large/Small, Even/Odd) is burned. This reduces the casino’s odds advantage to 1.35% and makes this a profitable rule.

    Free Roulette Games

    There are days when money is tight and you can’t spare any money for gambling fun, then you should turn to the casino’s free options. There is a demo mode, where you can play any of the varieties of roulette for free and check out some tactics in practice.

    How to Play Roulette

    Gamblers prefer to follow systems to systemise their play and increase their probability of winning. The most effective schemes contain general guidelines and deal with controlling finances, i.e., bankroll management:

    • Limiting the bankroll. The amount used for gambling entertainment only should be limited. Online rounds are fast, so it is advisable to have1,000 credits on the bankroll. In land-based venues, where table limits are higher, the amount depends on the player’s financial means. By analogy with poker, it is enough to allocate 30 bets for a session at one table.
    • Average bet. Minimal or medium denominations will allow keeping the bankroll longer. It is optimal to divide the pot into two unequal parts: 75% to be spent on equal odds, 25% to be used for aggressive play, which can bring the most profit. This is a strategy with moderate risk.
    • Stop Loss. An effective way to limit losses. The exact limit of loss depends on the size of the deposit. In one session, it is not recommended to spend more than one tenth of the bankroll.
    • Stop Win. Required in advance to determine the maximum value of the winning in cash or as a percentage of the bankroll. Experienced players are advised to pause in case of an increase in the active deposit of 20-30% and withdraw the winnings. Gamblers who prefer an aggressive strategy can use this amount for risky bets with high payout odds.

    Basic Online Roulette Strategy and Tips

    People have always wanted to increase for themselves the probability of winning at gambling. The mathematical theory of probability was studied before the beginning of our era. But in the Middle Ages, this section of mathematics began to receive more and more attention. It is investigated by: the already mentioned Pascal, as well as Cardano, Fermat, Huygens, Bayes and other mathematicians. The growing popularity of gambling and the emergence of the first casinos is one reason for this interest.

    One of the most popular roulette strategies is “Martingale”.

    This is a game system where bets are placed to win 1 to 1 and if you lose, the next bet is doubled.

    As practice has shown, this system has many disadvantages: you need a substantial capital reserve not to retreat from the strategy in a string of losses. And even the 4th and 5th failures can already be costly, let alone subsequent ones. And there have been times when the same colour has fallen over 10 times in a row.

    Later, an improved Martingale strategy emerged. It proposes, in case of two losses, to skip two rounds, then double the bet again and in case of failure to return to the original bet:

    • Round 1 – $10 bet lost;
    • 2 – $20 bet lost;
    • 3, 4 – skip;
    • 5 – $40 bet, after which it is back to $10, regardless of the result.

    This option allows you to remain in a stable plus without significant losses.

    There is a popular system “Passwords”, which suggests accumulating a bankroll in order to keep the game in the black when the odds are unfavourable. To do this, if you win (again, 1 to 1), these chips are added to the next beton several times, but no more than 4:

    • 1 – $10 bet wins;
    • 2 – bet $20 won;
    • 3 – $40 bet wins;
    • 4 – $80 bet wins.

    Over 4 rounds you make $70 profit and return to the $10 bet.

    A good win can be accumulated with a small series of favourable bets. As statistics show, winning 4 times in a row is possible, but more is rather not to try, as the probability decreases considerably.

    Ways to Play Roulette Online

    Online casinos allow you to play the mini version, 3D Roulette, zero-free roulette, and other interesting varieties

    As soon as the ball stops moving around the wheel, the dealer marks the sector on the table in accordance with the number.

    Chips with unplayed bets go into the casino’s profits, and all winning combinations are paid out in the form of winnings. In the online versions, number marking and payouts are automatic.

    Mobile Roulette in Canada

    Mobile Roulette is a classic European roulette game with standard rules. There is one zero and the numbers range from one to thirty-six. The layout of the playing field also has a typical look, which does not bring any surprises to the users.

    In this roulette game, you can make different bets, which are paid in keeping with the set odds. In the best online casinos in Canada, you can find all sorts of roulette varieties from the best providers, like Playtech.

    Live Dealer Roulette

    Roulette at the Live Casino is no different from the way it is played in land-based casinos. The outcome of the draw is governed by the laws of physics. The game starts the moment a player selects a bet denomination, chooses a colour/digit and presses the Start button.

    Imagine a typical offline casino with many different types of roulette tables. Now imagine seeing it all on your computer or smartphone screen. The essence of the game is that the player sits down at a virtual table, which stands quite a live dealer, with whom you can even talk. There are no graphical visualisations and no random number generator, which are inherent to conventional flash roulette games. It’s just you, the dealer and the ball. The most real casino – the most live roulette on your gadget screen.

    Deposit Options for Roulette Online

    Deposits are made directly to the casino account. Once you have entered roulette, the money will appear in the game’s internal account. The same applies to live mode.

    Play Online Roulette for Real Money with PayPal

    PayPal is a fairly loyal platform for financial transactions at online casinos. Make sure it is available at your chosen online casino and enjoy your game of roulette.


    The most popular way of paying online casinos since ancient times. Fund your account with any of the approved card types, whether debit or credit card.


    Fund your account the way you want – with any of the e-wallets available. The best casinos in Canada have this option.


    Based on the increased popularity of this type of currency, many roulette players are beginning to accept bets in crypto.

    Roulette Bonuses

    Sometimes there are no deposit bonuses exclusively for roulette. There are no deposit bonuses amid the best and most lucrative, because if you play correctly, you have more chances to win back your no deposit bonus at roulette than at the slot machines. As a simple matter of fact, just compare the casino advantage; European Roulette has a 2.7% winning percentage, which means a 97.3% player return (RTP). Not every slot is able to boast of such a figure.


    Can you bet on red and black in roulette?
    You can bet on one of the colours.
    Are your best online roulette sites legal in Canada?
    Their activities are entirely legal.
    Can you make money playing online roulette?
    Yes, with a little luck and understanding of the game.
    Is European roulette the same as American roulette?
    One of the main differences noted between European Roulette and American Roulette is in the zeros on the wheels. While the European Roulette wheel comes with a single zero, American Roulette comes with double zeros. Another difference you can see is in the number of sectors. While the European Roulette wheel comes with 37 sectors, the American Roulette wheel has 38.
    Is online Roulette rigged?
    The roulettes at Canada's best online casinos run solely on a random number generator, so no cheating is possible.

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