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Online casinos in Canada have become popular after gambling has been legalized. Enthusiasts try playing games from their smartphones and laptops by investing their hard-earned money. A popular game that they can try out is online keno for real money. Many of you might be knowing about this game but never gave it a try. It is a lottery-style game that punters will get at all top gaming sites. Learning to play this kind of lottery can increase your chances of winnings.

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    We are dedicating a review on online keno for real money and have tried to include as much information as possible. Reading this guide would be extremely easy for players to start playing at the Canadian online websites. Let’s start reading this article without wasting time.

    Factors To Test the Best Canadian Sites To Play Keno Online

    Before gambling on any famous casino game, it is essential to pick a licensed and safe site. The question is: How to do so? Well, the answer is below factors that will guide them to choose a site to play the games. They are:

    • Signup And No Deposit Bonuses: A great online gambling site will always offer generous registration bonuses using which players can gamble. Due to the internal competition amidst gamblers, many online casinos, keno, are offering exclusive offers. Some even give no deposit bonuses for which there are no need to make deposits. The important thing is to check the wagering requirements before grabbing the bonus amount.
    • Loyalty Program: A well-established gambling site will provide not only bonus offers but also a loyalty program. It is for those gamblers who wish to play occasionally on the sites. They give rewards to every player loyal to them. Under this category, many promotions are offered using which punters can play for free.
    • Jackpots: Being a gamble, you will be interested in winning a jackpot round. Some online gambling sites offer many chances using which you can win high amounts compared to others. That’s why you should try to register on these websites.
    • Software: The software used in creating real money keno will thoroughly determine your satisfaction level. It affects the quality of the game, and that’s why the software should always be checked. Choosing the best one will help in deciding which site is good to use.
    • Safety: While playing real money games, security plays a critical parameter. Before signing, check if the online casino is safe and will give your winnings on time.
    • Licensing Information: Licensed casinos are the best place to play the game for cash as top gaming jurisdictions regulate them. While looking for gambling sites, you must opt for a Kahnawake Gaming Commission licensed casino.

    Steps To Play Online Keno For Real Money

    Learning how to play this casino game does not consume much time. It is simple, and by following the below steps, you can start your journey. They are:

    • You must pick a reliable and licensed online keno casino where it is safe to invest your money.
    • Click on the register button and upload all details to create an account.
    • Visit the banking section to make the first deposit required for gambling.
    • Also, do not forget to take advantage of no deposit or deposit bonus on registration.
    • After that, you can proceed to the gaming section, pick on the variety of the game and play for cash.

    Online Keno Main Rules

    Getting to learn what the game comprises is the first thing to start with. It comes with a paytable, a keno card, and a few buttons. Every casino game is a bit different, and the main rules to follow are:

    • Keno Card: It is a giant grid of numbers and can be considered a large lottery ticket. A card comprises numbers from 1 to 80, with eight rows comprising ten of them. Punters have to pick a maximum of 20 and a minimum of one number.
    • Pay Table: It shows that the payout will be on the number of catches than anyone makes. In this game, the reward is not given for hitting more numbers. But the number is given instead if the percentage is high.
    • Quick Pick: Before selecting the numbers, you should place bets while playing keno casino games. Instead of choosing numbers, you can pick on the quick pick button. With this, the system will select a number on your behalf. Numbers are decided through a Random Number Generator, and when a player wins, they can collect or replace the winnings.

    Understanding Types of Bets at Keno Game

    • Straight Ticket: It is the most common and basic ticket, and nothing is tricky. Here you mark the numbers and wait for the draw to take place. You have to decide on the number of sports to play.
    • King Number Ticket: A king number ticket has a number circled by itself and is referred to asking. It is used in combination with other groups of numbers on a ticket.
    • Way Ticket: A way ticket is a complicated bet, so you must understand two reasons to choose this. They are convenient and fractional rates. If you think marking multiple games would be easy on a single ticket, go for this.
    • Split Ticket: It comprises two or more straight nets placed on the same ticket. Every ticket includes a set of numbers marked with a line or a circle. Each has unique numbers and cannot be shared with any other group.

    Important Terms To Look For

    The Return to Player percentage of RTP and the odds changes based on the number of games made by the player. For a single pick, the payout percentage is 50%, while it is near about 60% for the three and two. For five choices, it is 67%, and for nine, ten, and eight cards, the number drops back to 60%.

    Compared to other games, keno has a higher house edge, so gamblers must never place wagers for the amount they cannot afford to lose. They should weigh up the rewards and risks and select the amount of the bet that suits them.

    Keno Strategies To Follow

    This game is entirely on luck, yet, some strategies are there that can increase your chance to win. Two things that will help you in playing are:

    Looking For Patterns

    • It is one of the best-known strategies and is used to play keno games. Many players used it while gambling on bingo and lotto games.
    • You must always prepare a list of numbers to be drawn over time.
    • Mark the numbers that have appeared several times. List down the numbers that have not come up even once separately.
    • While placing the next bet when you play keno online, use the numbers that frequently appear in the past.

    This specific strategy is based on the concept that some numbers appear frequently compared to others in the long run.

    Play The Same Numbers All The Time

    It is another strategy that you can use, and no preparation is required to follow. The steps are:

    Use your birthday, favourite number, anniversary dates, etc., while playing.

    Make sure you use the same number while placing the wager every time.

    Every number has equal chances of coming up, and later or sooner, it will appear.

    It gives the feeling to be more disciplined and organized and practice the game; you can play for free.

    Best Types Of Keno

    The game rules are the same irrespective of which one you choose to play at the top mobile site. But the difference could be some games come with extra jackpots while others with unique special features. The different types are:

    • Single-Card Keno: It is a one-off game where players have to select numbers for one round. After that, winnings are given, and then players go for a new round from scratch. In this type, it is easy to follow the game and has lower wagers.
    • Multi-Card Keno: It is another basic game form, but instead of picking a single, you can go for multiples. Pick up to seven cards, and you can go up to 15 numbers on each one. Multiple cards increase your chances of winning, and it gives your higher bets.
    • Progressive Jackpot Keno: It is a popular keno casino online that’s quite tempting. They follow the same rules as the standard keno game. Every time a player places a bet, the jackpot amount grows. If someone wins the amount, the game will reset and start growing over again.
    • Power Keno: The rules of power keno are similar to regular keno, and on a ticket, you can select one to two numbers. If the first number you draw is a match, the winnings will quadruple. Even the 20th ball that you catch will quadruple your innings.

    Tips To Help You Save Money

    While you play keno online for money, try to keep the below tips in mind. These will increase your chances of winning while playing the game. They are:

    • Understanding The Rules: This game is entirely based on chase, but you should know the rules. Along with that, keep a note on the paytable and be familiar with that before placing wagers.
    • Check The Payouts: The payouts offered when you win the game after playing online keno real money vary from one gaming site to another. It is the most important thing to look for before you commit to the lottery-style game.
    • Practice The Free Variation: Practicing the free variation of the game will strengthen your gameplay. It is a fun game, and the free version does not need you to invest money.
    • Manage Your Bankroll: Have you decided about the amount of money to spend on playing a keno online casino. Keep in mind that losing will take away all your money, so decide on what you would like to invest beforehand.
    • Select Between Eight And Four Numbers: Strategically, you have chances of winning while picking between eight and four numbers. Hitting all the 20 numbers correctly is nearly impossible.

    Online Vs. Offline Keno

    This game is available in both offline and online versions, and players can go with anyone. The differences between playing offline and online are:

    Offline Keno

    • Full casino experience
    • Fewer other gamblers
    • Land casinos are not many in Canada

    Online Keno

    • Easy accessibility to the game
    • Many instant play bonus offers
    • Lower house edge
    • Play from smartphones

    Play Online Keno On Mobile Apps

    Gambling on online keno games is possible through mobile apps. For that, you have to look for a gaming site with a casino app and download it. It gives you a chance to gamble from any location, irrespective of the time.

    Payment Methods

    While playing for online keno Canada, the most important thing to consider is the payment methods. If a site does not have enough options, it would not be easy to make transactions and play. Different sites offer different ways, and you must visit the banking section before playing. Take a brief look here to learn about deposits and withdrawals.

    • Deposit: Deposits can be made through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Credit cards, etc. The minimum deposit can vary from CA$10 to CA$20, which you have to follow.
    • Withdrawal: When you keno play now and win money, the most important is the withdrawal process. If a site does not have enough options, withdrawing the money becomes difficult. Choose a site with many withdrawal options.

    Keno Glossary

    • Aggregate Limit: The total money a site is liable to give in a single round.
    • Bankroll: The number of money punters have to use.
    • Balls: Ping pong balls are drawn at random to find out the winner.
    • Bet: The amount of money wagered in a single round.
    • Caller: A casino person calling out winning numbers.
    • Draw: A panel of 20 balls drawn in around.
    • Closed: The time before the ball drops.
    • Field: A collection of circled and unmarked spots:
    • Flashboard: A digital display where numbers make the draw.
    • House: A slang term in a casino.
    • Mark: It appears on a ticket to indicate which numbers are spots.
    • Open: It is opposite to closed.
    • Spot: It is a slang term.
    • Way Ticket: A ticket containing more distinct bets.
    • Writer: A casino staff interacting with players.


    Do all online casinos in Canada have keno for real money?
    Almost all casinos in Canada have real money, keno.
    Is online keno Rigged?
    No, it is not.
    What is a payout percentage?
    It is the amount of money you receive on winning.
    Are online keno games fair?
    Yes, they are fair.
    Where is the best place to play online casino keno?
    The best places to play are JackpotCity Casino, Spin Casino, etc.
    Is there a Keno strategy that will increase my chances of winning?
    Looking for patterns and playing for the exact numbers can increase your chances of winnings.

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