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Online Craps is a fun game that first started in Western Europe. Soon after that, it was preferred by many players, and now an online version is available. Learning to play craps online in Canada is not so tough, and the game is different from the usual video slots and card games. It is a basic casino table game and not so complicated. The game’s objective is to predict after rolling if the two dice will result in a winning combination.

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    Well, a lot more is there about the real money craps, which you will get to know on this review. It is an easy-to-follow guide and discusses types of variants, where to play, different bets, tips to beginners, betting strategy, and a few FAQs. So let’s not waste time and delve into the topic in detail to start playing.

    Where To Play Real Money Craps Online?

    Betting online craps for real money is easy, but you must always register on a licensed platform. Here are a few parameters you must consider before you start to play.

    Licensing Details

    The top gambling authorities should license the platform. It can be the MGA, the UKGC, the CGA, or the KGC. When you come across a platform with at least one license, you can ensure that they maintain all the requirements. It indicates you can play craps for real money here.

    Welcome Bonus

    All gambling websites give you a bonus amount when you register for the first time. But you must sign up on a platform that gives you more cash but lower wagering requirements.

    Easy Payout

    The platform must have easy payout opportunities, so you do not have to struggle much to withdraw winnings. Prefer to choose a site that has a high rate of payouts.

    The Top Sites To Play Craps Online For Real Money

    • JackpotCity Casino: The site is licensed by the MGA and the KGC, and it gives a 100% registration bonus of CA$1600. It is a highly rated site and was established in 1998. It provides industry-leading gameplay and top-quality payout speed. The customer service is active 24/7 and a wide variety of banking options.
    • 888 Casino: When you sign up onto the best online craps for real money, you get a 100% up to CA$1500. The platform has a payout rate of 98% and the minimum deposit to be maintained is CA$10. It has a generous welcome bonus, and by downloading the app, you can start gambling. The brand has received many awards for offering top-quality gambling services.
    • Spin Casino: here, you get a match deposit bonus of 100% up to CA$1000 and owned by CityViews Group. The withdrawal speed is one to five days, and it has a live chat option through which you can speak with experts if there is any problem. The banking options you get here are Visa, Interac, Trustly, MasterCard, iDebit, etc. By downloading the app, you can go ahead and play while traveling or on your phone. It also has a loyalty club and jackpot rewards section with weekly, daily, and monthly promotions.
    • Casino Tropez: The platform is owned by Universe Entertainment Service Malta Ltd. and has a payout rate of 96%. It started functioning in 2001, and on registration, you get a 100% up to CA$100. After that, you also get CA$3000, and you must use the offer within 90 days. The terms and conditions are 50x, and the minimum deposit to be maintained is CA$10.

    Ways to Play Craps

    To play craps online, you have to start from the basics, and here is a brief introduction to the game.

    • Understanding The Table Layout Of Craps: The first step is to understand the table layout first, as it can be confusing for newbies. Initially, it looks complicated with all symbols, and some players get scared. Well, you must concentrate on one side as both are identical. It is designed in such a way that gamblers can join from any side.

    The Craps Phases

    • Come Out Roll: When you start to play craps online real money, it begins with the Come Out Roll phase. After that, place a wager on the table, and the shooter will shoot the dice. Passing is not possible if they roll 3, 2, or 12 in this condition, a new shooter will come into existence. Then, the shooter focuses on getting 11 or 7, and after doing that, they pass, so the wager on pass wins.
    • Point Phase: But when the above condition is not fulfilled, and different numbers have come up, it proceeds to the point phase. Now before rolling seven, a shooter has to roll that number again. In this circumstance, the pass bet will win. If point-seven gets hit, they win the don’t pass bets.

    Various Craps Bets Types

    Like poker or table games, players will come across different types of bets. Each one is different, and you should know the meaning before playing. Blindly, wagering on the bets can lead to wastage of your funds, so look here to know the types.

    • Pass Line Bet: Here, you are wagering for the shooter to get either 11 or 7 in the Come Out Roll phase. The true odds are 215 to 244, the house edge is 1.41%, and the payout is 1:1.
    • Field Bet: In this, you can wager on 4, 2, 3, 10, 9, 11, 12, on the number you want the shooter to roll. The house edge here is 5.5%, and the payout for 2,12is 2:1, and 3, 9, 4, 10, and 11 is 1:1.
    • Come Bet: It is a selection on the table to place the pass bets following the Come Out roll. It is similar to don’t pass and pass bet but only after establishing the point.
    • Don’t Come Bet: It means exactly the come bet, and with this one, you bet against the shooter. It comes with a house edge of 1.36%, and the payout is 1:1.
    • Place Bets: Here, you have to place a wager on 5, 4, 8, 9, 6, and 10. You can win a high amount after the dice rolls a number before seven.
    • Big 8 Or Big 6: It is a field wager giving you even money which means the same value you have wagered.
    • Don’t Pass: You are wagering for a different point will be wagered by the shooter, which is not needed in a pass.
    • Proposition Bets: On any phases of craps, you can wager on a single roll, and that is proposition bets.

    Craps Betting Strategy

    Do you want to know the process to boost your game while playing internet craps? The steps to follow are:

    • Do Not Spend So Much Time: This game will never give you so much thinking time. Thus, you have to be quick and go with the flow. To do so, you have to learn about the different types of bets. In that way, when you play craps online for money, the likelihood of winning increases.
    • The Pass Line Strategy: Pass bets are paid on even money and have a lower house edge than slots. When you wager on a pass, you want the shooter to win. It is a strategy you can follow and roll, and if you get 7 or 11, you win or else not.
    • Don’t Pass Line Strategy: It is on the dark side when you wager on don’t pass, provided it is in the come-out roll. In comparison to pass bet, it has a lower house edge. While making this one, you must get 3, 2, or 12 in the first roll.

    Beginners Helpful Craps Tips

    • Stick With Pass Line Bets: Pass and Come are good wager and have a house edge of 1.41%, so you must stick to that. Also, you can choose Don’t Pass and Don’t Come as the house edge is 1.35%, and you can win real money.
    • Steer Clear Of Big 8 Or 6: They are common on the table and can draw your attention immediately. But the important thing about this is it has a house edge of 9%. So betting can be done on the table anywhere, and you have a high chance to win.
    • Avoid Using Prop Bets: The chance to win is less as the house has an edge. That’s why experts always say to avoid it while betting.

    Craps Casino Bonuses

    • Deposit Bonuses: It is a common type of bonus that you will get on all sites, but the amount can vary. When you play online craps with real money, you must make use of the money. Try to place a wager, so you win the money playing using the bonus offers.
    • Refer A Friend: Some sites give you an instant play bonus if you refer your friends and they register. For each referral, you get a bonus, and you can earn more money with it.
    • Cashbacks: The exclusive mobile sites also give you cashback using which you can get some amount back for your losses. You can use the money to play for real money but not for withdrawal.

    Different Craps Variants

    • Crapless Craps: In this variation, the gambler cannot lose a pass wager on the come-out roll. Don’t pass option is also not available, and any number other than seven will be the point. It has a 5.38% house edge, and you can wager on 3, 11, 2, and 12.
    • High Point Craps: It is like standard craps with a little difference. On the come-out roll, numbers three and two are never counted. If 12 or 11 rolls out, it indicates an instant win. The shooter must roll after establishing a point.

    Online Craps Terminology

    • Twelve is signified as Boxcars, and it is related to numbers on a railroad. One more phrase associated with twelve, which you can come across is midnight.
    • Tennessee is referred to ten and Nina from Pasadena or n Jesse James to nine.
    • When you roll on nine, a phrase may come up, and it is “Yo-leven” or “Yo, Six-Five No Jive.” It comes up, so gamblers do not misinterpret eleven as seven.
    • Six is known by Jimmy Hicks, five by Fever Five or Little Phoebe, Little Joes to four.
    • When you gamble the best online craps, you should memorize the phrases. Or else will not understand what it means when Little Phoebe or Little Joes appears.

    Wrapping Up

    Hopefully, you are prepared ahead and try to play craps online for real money. It is a game where you can earn some money provided you are aware of all the bets. Hence, you can sign up on the leading site to play.


    Can I play live dealer craps online on my mobile?
    Yes, you can as different sites are there which are mobile compatible. You can download the app and start betting.
    Can I gamble live craps online in Canada?
    Yes, you can do so by proceeding on a licensed site in Canada.
    How can I play craps for real money?
    In this game, every gambler will get a chance to be the shooter, and he or she has a don't pass or an active pass wager. After that, the dice are rolled on the entire table, and you have to wait for the outcome.
    Is craps game random?
    Yes, it is determined randomly, and no one is involved in manipulating the outcome.
    Are online craps available for free?
    You can play the game for free to understand how it proceeds or for fun on some sites.
    Are online craps fair?
    Yes, the game is fair, so you do not have to worry about fairness.

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