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Blackjack online is a card game that millions of players across the world are playing. The excitement and the thrill of the game have earned a lot of players over the years in the land-and-mortar casinos. A similar thing was experienced when the variation was launched online, and players were surprised to see the game with all features.

Best Real Money Online Blackjack Casinos in Canada

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    Gamblers looking for the best blackjack online Canada site to play the game, strategies, variations, Glossary, etc., can go through this guide. It will guide you on picking a well-trusted website where you can gamble and win real money. Additionally, it is unlike slot machines, so we have included the tips that will guide you to play online.

    Aspects To Look For While Choosing A Blackjack Site

    All sites are not the same, so you have to do a bit of research before you start to play for real money. The beauty of online gambling sites is you can gamble from anywhere and anytime. But for safe betting, you have to consider a few parameters and here are they:

    • Different Variants: The first aspect is that the online blackjack real money Canada site must have different variants. The top platforms must have everything from European to Atlantic City to play anything that you want.
    • Lower House Edge: Most of the time, it is found that the game has a lower house edge. Some websites can be there, which is high, so you must prefer to register as the lower percentage ones.
    • Free Play Opportunity: It is a game of skill, so you cannot blindly place the wagers. If you do so, you will lose all your money, and towards the end, stop betting. A few sites are there where you can enjoy blackjack online for fun by betting for free. It also lets you learn the strategies, what each terminology means, the difference between the variations, etc. After this, when you play for real cash, you get a chance to win more money.
    • Live Dealer Category: Does the site where you plan to gamble has a live dealer category? It is a version where you can play against a person, and whatever happens in the game, you can see through the screen. The game is fast forward, and you can win high rewards.
    • Blackjack Bonuses: Like you get bonuses to play slots, the sites also play online blackjack. But not all sites will give it, so you have to compare and decide which one is the best. Subsequently, you can proceed and register on the platform to play.

    The Best Blackjack Online Real Money Canada Sites

    • JackpotCity Casino: The site is powered by Microgaming and established in 1998. It is owned by Digimedia Limited and licensed by the MGA and the KGC. It gives a signup bonus of 100% up to CA$1600 and brings out the excitement and buzz. With different variations, you can also play the live dealer games here.
    • Ruby Fortune: It started functioning in 2003 and is another gambling site from the Palace Group. As a welcome bonus, you get a 100% up to CA$750 in the first three deposits of up to CA$250. The online blackjack Canada site gives you 2500 points for free and as a note of thank you for joining.
    • Spin Casino: The licensed site from the Malta Gaming Authority gives a 100% welcome bonus of up to CA$1000. It started operation in 2011 and has several games like free slots, roulette, and poker with blackjack. It has an app that can be used by IOS and Android users, and the welcome bonus is redeemed in three transactions. In the first one, you get a 100% up to CA$400 and second and third, you get a 100% up to CA$300.
    • Casino: The site was launched in 2015 and is managed by White Hat Gaming. It is a 100% trustworthy site with a variety of games and several bonuses. As a registration bonus, you get 100 free spins and a 100% bonus up to CAD$1000.

    Different Versions of Blackjack Online

    American Blackjack

    It is similar to other variations where bettors have to get 21. But it has few different rules than others as dealers use between eight and six decks of cards. Two cards are given to both player and dealer, and one card is faced up by the dealer and both in the case of gamblers.

    European Blackjack

    It can have two to eight standard decks, and when a dealer gets an automatic blackjack, players lose. If players get 21 along with the dealer; then it is a tie. Here the bets are given back to gamblers while players are forced to hit when the dealer obtains 16.

    Classic Blackjack Gold

    It is one of the easiest versions where gamblers can deal with two cards and one with a dealer. The objective of classic blackjack gold is to get close to 21. The online casino blackjack is available at the top site where you can gamble.

    Spanish Blackjack or Spanish 21

    You can have the lowest house edge and play without tens. It is powered by Microgaming and played with six to eight decks gamblers can split the cards. The key aspect here is the dealer always hits on soft 17.

    Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold

    It is a game many gamblers love and contains eight decks. Here, players can gamble more than a hand at a time, while some sites offer to play five at a time. The interesting part of the game is players can determine the next move, which gives better odds to win.

    Double Exposure Blackjack or “zweikartenspiel”

    It is an exciting game as the challenging rule is the cards are hidden. Both the cards are faced by allowing bettors to see what dealers have. It is unique from the standard versions, and the blackjack winning reduces. It takes place when for giving a better favour, players tied with the dealer lose the wager.

    Atlantic City Blackjack

    It is played using eight regular decks, and no cards are removed. Two cards are face-up, with the dealer dealing one card down and another up. It is a hole card variant, and the dealer can peek at the down-card first while showing a 10-value card or an ace.

    Blackjack Switch

    It lets gamblers play two hands simultaneously, and the dealer dealt with one card down and another up. If the dealer goes above 21, the hand is over, and when it gets 21, the wager is pushed. Players get two cards facing up.

    Live Dealers

    It is the same as the above versions where you play against a live dealer just like you do in land-and-mortar casinos. But the difference here is you play from the comfort of your home. You can interact with the dealer live, and it gives you an authentic feel.

    Strategy And Tips

    Some major strategies and tips are available, which you must never fail to follow. They are:

    • If the first two cards you have are equal to or less than 11, you must always draw another. It is the first tip that you should always keep in mind, irrespective of which variation you play.
    • Do not draw any card when the dealer has a card from two to six as the likelihood of winning is high.
    • If the card which the dealer is holding is anything between aces to seven, you must draw cards till it is above 16. Make sure that you must not stand less or at 16.
    • When you already hold 12, and three or two are shown by the dealer, draw a card. It is a tip that you must keep note of irrespective of whether you lose or win.
    • Never draw one more card when you have cards containing a value from 17 to 20. The time when you must draw a card is when players have a soft 18 or 17.
    • Never use an insurance bet, and always keep in mind that you are gambling to beat the dealer.
    • It is better to draw when you have a soft 18 or 17, and the dealer is showing any card from an ace to nine.

    Blackjack Glossary

    Before you start to gamble, a few vital terminologies are there, which you should know about. The list containing the terms is:

    • Stand: It is an option where you do not get more cards, and you are happy with the ones you have.
    • Hit: Here, you decide to get more cards by standing or busting.
    • Double: Get an extra card by doubling the original amount of the bet.
    • Surrender: When you are not happy with the cards, you have a chance to give them up by exchanging half of the wager.
    • Split: Split them when you have two cards containing the same amount and gamble with two hands.
    • Side Bets: The leading operators offer several side bets, which you can place along with the original wager.

    Blackjack for Real Money Vs. Free

    When you browse, you will get both free and real money versions. Seeing that, players usually get confused about which one will be the best. Well, if you are looking for a fun experience, you must go for free money. Not only that but you can also learn the tips which you must keep in mind always to play. It tells you the mistakes that you must avoid and helps in preparing a strong strategy. As a result, when you play at the best online blackjack on real money sites, your chances of winning increases. Here you will get to know the things you must not do.

    Playing Mobile Blackjack

    New-age bettors are more interested in playing blackjack online casinos while on the go. It is possible when you sign up onto a site with an app for Apple and Android users. Most sites have this feature, but you should still check out before gambling. When you play, you must use the deposit bonus that you get on the website.

    Blackjack Bonuses

    While gambling at the online blackjack Canada, you will get several bonuses and promotions. Do not forget to use the offer when you come across it, as it helps you boost your game. From no deposit to deposit bonuses, cashback, reload bonuses, refer a friend, you can enjoy everything. If you do not want to miss any offer, you must check the offer section daily.

    Signing Off

    Well, this is all that you must know about online blackjack real money. Now it’s time to enjoy the thrilling game by signing up at the top online gaming site. While doing so, you should not forget to use the bonus offers which you get on registration.


    Can I play blackjack free online?
    Yes, some sites allow you to play for free, and you can do so. It is also a suitable way to learn the strategies.
    Can you win online blackjack using your mobile device?
    Yes, you can win by playing from your mobile devices, provided the site has an app or supports a web browser.
    How do I deal in blackjack?
    Dealing needs to be done from left to the right of the dealer and one card up to every player. After that, it should be a card down to a dealer.
    Is online blackjack legal in Canada?
    Yes, it is legal in Canada, and you register at the top sites to play.
    How much cash can you make playing blackjack?
    It depends on which type of game you are playing, the value of the bet, and the house edge. The lower the house edge, the more payout you can have.
    Can I play blackjack for real money with PayPal?
    Yes, you can and to do so, you can proceed to one of the sites, making a transaction and playing with cash.

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