Live Dealer Baccarat Game in Canada - Tips & Strategies

The launch of live baccarat online has changed the gaming world completely, and different software providers have come up with new versions. It gives you a chance to win from your office, home and enjoy the same experience that you get at the brick-and-mortar casinos. If you have never tried playing a live baccarat online casino, you must read this guide.

Best Sites To Play Live Baccarat Online in Canada 2021

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    On this, we have included details like the sites to play, the registration bonuses and other offers, variations, odds, mobile platforms, etc.

    The Top Sites To Play Live Baccarat Online

    • Play OJO Casino: The platform gives a registration bonus of 80 free spins on your first deposit. The rewards you get after you make winning combinations are given in cash. Most importantly, when you play live baccarat, you will come across many wager-free bonus offers.
    • JackpotCity Casino: The site gives a 100% bonus up to CA$1600 after you have completed registration. You can withdraw it in four deposits, and it is a 100% deposit up to CA$400. Make sure you use the offer before it gets expired.
    • Spin Casino: Here, you get a 100% deposit bonus up to CA$1000, and it fools an easy and quick registration. The site maintains excellent security technology, and you get jackpot rewards every day. It has several banking options like Visa, MasterCard, iDebit, PaySafeCard, Bank Transfer, etc.

    Factors To Pick A Live Baccarat Online Site

    Other than the above sites, if you wish for another platform to play live baccarat, you must consider the below factors.

    • Licenses: The site where you want to gamble must have licenses from the top authorities. It can be from anyone like the MGA, the KHC, etc. For more data, you can visit the about us section on the site.
    • Security Parameters: The platform must maintain all security parameters like it must have an eCOGRA seal and be audited by the top authorities. It must maintain the fairness of the game, and the outcome should be random.
    • Different Varieties: The site must have different game varieties so you can change on the same platform. Otherwise, you have to look for a different site to play different variations.

    Online Live Baccarat Games Variations

    • Big Baccarat: It is a full-size version of the baccarat game, and at the most, 14 players can gamble. It has an oval-size table, and three dealers are present. From 1 to 15, places are marked with yellow colors, and the 13 number is thought as unlucky, which is why it is left out.
    • Baccarat Banque: It is a three-deck variant involving a banker who stays in the place. Two cards, one at the right of the banker and the other at the left. Here, five gamblers will be there on each side. The player betting the most will earn the position of a banker, and he or she must wager enough to cover the bets of players.
    • Chemin de Fer: It was first introduced in the French casinos, but you can get the game on all online sites now due to its popularity. It comes with six decks of cards, and the banker role is passed in every game. Both the chief punter and banker will receive two face-down cards.
    • Mini Baccarat: It has lower limits of wagers and is not so popular among high rollers. It has space for five to seven gamblers, and the table is designed half-circle. Four is unlucky, and the places are marked like 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.

    Live Baccarat Software Providers

    The gambling experience will depend on the software used to design the game. The game created by top software providers gives you designs so that players love to play live baccarat online. The top software providers are Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Novomatic, Net Entertainment, so on. Always, prefer to play live casino baccarat designed by them. They are the best in gaming speed, quality, and design purposes.

    Live Baccarat Apps

    All top-class live dealer baccarat sites have apps which you can easily download and install. Android, Windows, IOS users can use the app based on the device they have. While using the app, you will have a great experience, and you can access all versions from mobile. Some sites may not have live gaming options, so you should visit the platform before registration. After that, you can download the application to start playing.

    Odds For Live Baccarat

    If you wish to boost your odds when you play for real money, you must invest time picking the table. Additionally, you must wager on the outcome that’s more instead of the ones you are unsure of. Some go for panic wagers and choose the odd high outcome. While playing, the odds for a player are tie win, win, and a banker win. The banker gives 0.95/1, a tie gives 9/1, and the player pays 1/1. It indicates that the house edge in bankers is 1.06%, 1.24% on players, and 14.36% on tie bets. Bankers and dealers have the best value bet, but some gamblers do not like to side with dealers. With 1/1, you can make a small commission which can go up to 5%. The value can go beyond this, but the sites include commission.

    Live Basic Rules For Baccarat

    The live game comes with the basic rules that you get on the usual ones. The same rules to be followed here as well, and they are:

    • As a player, your objective is to hold a hand containing close or equal to nine. Here, you must never hold a card equal to zero.
    • It starts by placing a wager on your banker’s hand, on your own, or a tie.
    • Two cards are given to the bank and players facing down, and all of them are revealed, following which the total amount is calculated.
    • Whoever reaches nine or eight points, between the banker and player, that score will win real money.
    • But if you have a value between five and zero points, another card will be dealt. It is known as the 3rd card rule.
    • All cards with a higher value of nine come with a zero, and the other cards are worthy of their face value.
    • If the cards exceed nine, the total’s final numbers are used. Like, if it is 15, the score will be five.
    • After this, it depends on the gaming site what the outcome will be.

    Basics Of Live Baccarat Betting

    You have to decide who will win the match, and after placing the wager, you can sit back and wait for the outcome. A scoreboard is displayed on the screen where you can see the results. Before you start playing for cash, a few things to keep in mind are:

    • Banker: It is the best option as the banker has the lowest house edge with a 5% commission.
    • Tie: It is used when the card value of banker and player is the same and is a risky wager. But the payout you get here is high so that you can earn more money.
    • Player: It is another option but comes with a higher house-edge than banker. But, the difference is you do not pay any commission.
    • Banker Pair: The side bet pays you when the banker has dealt two cards in a pair.
    • Player Pair: It is a side wager which pays when the two cards dealing with the gambler are a pair.
    • Perfect Pair: It wins when the player or the banker has a pair of both suit and rank.
    • Panda 8: It is paid after the gambler wins three cards with a total of 8.
    • Either Pair: It pays when the players and banker have a pair.

    Physical Casino Games & Live Baccarat

    The live casino game gives you the same feeling as a physical casino game but from your home. You can sign up on any site and start playing the game against the live dealer. All strategies and bets remain the same, but everything is live. You can watch everything through the screen on your smartphone or your laptop. The game is fast forward, and you can win high payouts by gambling at the top sites.

    Perks and Disadvantages Of Live Baccarat


    Keep track of gameplay
    Watch everything through the screen
    Interact with the live dealer
    Generous bonuses


    The sound produced can disturb you from gambling
    If you lose track, it can become difficult for you to gamble

    Final Thoughts

    Unlike slot machines, baccarat is a game where you have to learn the difference, bets, variations before you play. After that, choose a licensed casino, grab the instant play bonus and start your betting journey.


    Can you talk to live Baccarat dealers?
    Yes, you can talk with the live dealer when you play the live dealer version at the top casino sites.
    Can I gamble online baccarat for real money?
    Yes, players can gamble for real money and get cash. While gambling, you should prepare a strong strategy to increase your winnings.
    How does it compare to standard baccarat?
    Compared to standard baccarat, it is more interesting, and you can see everything through the screen.
    Do I need any specific software/hardware to play live baccarat online?
    No, you do not require any specific hardware or software to play the live game.

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