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This Canadian province has the third largest land area in Canada. Northwest Territories is located in the northernmost part of Canada and only 45000 people are staying. Here, the tourism industry is active only for a certain time of the year. Let’s now check out about gambling in NW.

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    Gambling laws are complicated for different provinces in Canada so at times, it can be a bit difficult to understand. The Criminal Code of Canada made wagering illegal in 1982 across the country. After this law, several changes were made in 1910 and some casinos received licenses to operate legally. In 1970, the Criminal Code allowed provinces to regulate all forms of gaming activities with their own laws.

    Presently, Northwest Territories online gambling is legal and players can register on online sites to play the games. This review will provide all details on casino games to play, sites to explore, tips to pick a site, land-based casinos, etc. After reading this content, you can start off with betting.

    Northwest Territories Gambling Key Stats

    Before starting off with betting, a few stats about this province that will be helpful to you are:

    1. Population: As per statistics, the population of this province stands at 45,160. Although it is a small state, many citizens are interested in betting.
    2. Gambling Age: For gambling at Northwest Territories casino online or brick-and-mortar establishments, the legal gambling age is 19 years.
    3. Land Based Casinos: There are no land-based casinos available in this province. Enthusiasts interested in gambling have to visit an online casino in the Northwest Territories to gamble.

    Northwest Territories: The Top 5 Casino Games To Check Out

    Although you will find plenty of unique and engaging games available at the Northwest Territories online casino, quite a few are pretty popular within the province. Look below!

    1. Blackjack: When it comes to classic games, the people from NW like playing blackjack. You will find the game available at the table or live casino games section within the online wagering platforms. They are pretty interesting and come in many variants giving individuals the chance to play the game they like.
    2. Video Poker: Video poker is a game of skill, and when you play the game properly, the winning percentage will increase significantly. This is the advanced version of the classic poker game, but it will keep you engaged for a long time.
    3. Live Dealer: When individuals want to receive an authentic experience through a casino game, the live dealer ones are the best options. They are available on all the online wagering sites and are provided by some of the best software providers in the market. You can enjoy live dealer games like baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette and many more.
    4. Slots: Slot games are the most popular type of casino games within the Northwest Territories. They contain different and unique storylines, themes and designs. Apart from that, each of the slot games also carries high-quality graphics and animation.
    5. Roulette: Whether you like playing French, American, or European Roulette, you will find them available at the online casinos in NW.

    Interesting Gambling Facts About NW

    There are several things you might not be aware of in the Northwest Territories of Canada when it comes to gambling. Below listed some interesting facts on it. Take a look!

    1.     Lotteries Available For The Players From NW

    There are several types of lotteries available for the players from this particular province. You will come across lotteries like Lotto Max, Poker Lotto, and Lotto 649, through which you can win millions of dollars. Other lotteries that you will encounter are Western 649 and Daily Grand, where you have many funds. Apart from that, you will also find keno and other scratch card games available within this Canadian province.

    2.     Brief History About Gambling In NW

    Just like all the other areas of Canada, wagering was illegal within the Northwest Territories. Way back in 1892, Criminal Code made gambling unlawful in Canada, which includes NW province. But in 1910, some casinos were permitted to operate within the province. Finally, in 1970, the Criminal Code passed the order where Northwest Territories could regulate wagering with their laws. Currently, online gambling is entirely legal, and you can play on all the licensed platforms within the province.

    3.     When Will The Casinos Northwest Territories Reopen?

    According to recent reports, there are no land-based casinos available within the province. Only Northwest Territories online casinos are completely open, and individuals can conduct all their wagering activities without any problems or interruptions.

    4.     The Popularity Of Gambling In NW

    Gambling was pretty popular when it was first introduced within the province. Although it was unlawful to conduct wagering back in the past. In this modern world, the province offers outstanding gambling activities for all the interested players.

    What Are The Gambling Laws Of Northwest Territories?

    You might be thinking, “is online gambling legal in Canada, especially in NW?”, Well, it is, and you do a bit of gamble online in a hassle-free manner. You can conduct online sports wagering easily, and the NWT Lotteries have regulated it.

    Online Casinos Available At NW

    When exploring online casinos in Canada legal, and within the province of NW, you will find many of them. Below are several of the online platforms that are worth exploring. Take a look!

    • Jackpot City: Being one of the top-notch platforms of all time, Jackpot City provides plenty of options to players when it comes to gambling. It offers a generous welcome bonus of C$1600 and has over 400 games. Apart from that, it has a pay-out rate of 97% and a 24×7 customer support team.
    • Spin Casino: This is another well-known and reliable online site. Introduced to the world in 2001 and have been offering some of the best games and rewards to the players. All the new players will receive a generous welcome bonus of C$1000 and have over 600 casino games available.
    • Ruby Fortune: Ruby Fortune is another popular casino within this province. Established back in 2003, the brand offers C$750 as a welcome reward for all the first-time players and provides over 600 games. Apart from that, you will also receive 100 free spins through Sugar Parade. Along with that, you will also receive a 100% match reward, which is up to C$250.
    • Europa Casino: The platform has been running within the gambling industry since 2003. It offers C$500 as a welcome reward to all the new players. Europa Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority or MGA and carries some of the best payment options.

    Best Land-Based Casinos Worth Checking Out At NW

    Currently, there is no legal online casino in Northwest Territories, because of the geographical barriers, harsh weather and low population. You will not find any permanent offline ventures available within this province, not even racetracks. The only source of offline wagering options you will find here are charity-organized casinos, bingo, and Nevada pulled tickets. Due to such reasons, people within this province gamble through online casino sites.

    How Are The Best Online Casinos In Northwest Territories Rated?

    There are several ways through which all the online gambling sites are rated in this Canadian province. Check below!

    • Security: It’s pretty essential to take a look at the security features the platform has in-store. Remember, all platforms must have an SSL encryption feature that will protect all the player’s data.
    • Licensing: All online casinos should carry a license from a well-known regulatory body.
    • Bonuses: You must look at the type of bonuses on all the platforms as it will be highly beneficial for you. It’s because these bonuses come in the form of real money as well.
    • Payments: All online sites must have all types of payment options so that players can use the one according to their needs. Some of the payment options are e-wallets, debit or credit cards, online banking and many more.
    • Banking and Withdrawal: When it comes to withdrawal and banking, all online sites must have banking methods, like Skrill, Mastercard, VISA, Paysafecard and many more.
    • Flawless Platforms: It’s essential to check whether the sites are working perfectly on all types of devices so that you can access them whenever you like.


    What is the gambling age there?
    The gambling age for players is 19 years to play legally online on these sites.
    How do the Northwest Territories regulate casinos?
    Municipal and Community Affairs regulate casinos in this province.
    Do I need to pay taxes on my gambling winnings in the Northwest Territories?
    Your winning will only be taxed when you conduct your wagering activities as a professional gambler.
    What are the recommended payment methods?
    Skrill, Trustly, Paysafecard, VISA, Maestro, Paypal and Neteller are recommended payment options.

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