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New Brunswick is viewed as one of the four Atlantic provinces. It is located on Canada’s eastern coast and provides each individual a wide range of New Brunswick online gambling options. Apart from that, NB or New Brunswick has many online wagering sites, and you will learn about various New Brunswick online casinos through this article. So, let’s begin!

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    Checking Out The Key Stats

    Before you learn about the NB online casino, there are several things you need to learn about this particular province of Canada. Look below!

    1. The Land-Based Casinos: New Brunswick has 6 land-based casinos and has been a favorite of many Canadian gamblers. The casinos are well-known, and many individuals have won millions of dollars by taking part in tournaments, competitions, and other frequently held events.
    2. The Population: This particular Canadian province has a population of 761,214 and makes up less than the nation’s single percent of the total area. The majority of the population of this area lives within rural locations. When it comes to gambling at the best Brunswick casinos, the residents are always ready for it.
    3. Gambling Age: The legal age for an individual to gamble in News Brunswick is 19. Individuals who are below that age are not allowed.

    5 Popular Casino Games In New Brunswick

    You will come across many New Brunswick casino games, but many wagering enthusiasts currently play some of them. To know what these games are, please check the information below.

    • Live Dealer: The live dealer games are something that you can enjoy through online/offline platforms. These games deliver a whole new level of fun and excitement. When playing online, you will receive an authentic experience as live dealers are held live from the gaming studios. Some of the software developers also provide them in the market.
    • Video Poker: Video poker is the advanced version of the classic poker game. They carry high-quality and top-class animation and graphics and come in various themes and styles. You can play these games to win prizes, in the form of real money.
    • Blackjack: Blackjack is a game, which is pretty popular and is played by many Canadians across NB and the country. It comes in various versions, and they are primarily available at the live casino section.
    • Slots: The slot games are the most popular casino games within New Brunswick. The game comes with outstanding storylines, themes, and high-quality graphics. These slot games are supplied by some of the leading software providers as well.
    • Roulette: Roulette games fall into the table games section, and you play them either online or offline. Apart from that, when you play these games online, you will mainly find the live dealer version of the game, which will help you win plenty of rewards and prizes.

    New Brunswick And Its Wagering Facts

    Right before you think of doing some gamble at the casinos in New Brunswick, you first need to learn a bit about the various gambling facts of this particular province. Look at the information below.

    1. Lotteries Available For All The New Players: All the new players will receive numerous types of lotteries, like Triple Play Lotto, Powerball, MEGA Millions, and Euro Millions. Let’s take what these lotteries exactly mean:
    • Triple Play Lotto: Triple Play Lotto does what it says on the tin, and you will get three tickets for every purchase.
    • Powerball: This is where you have to choose to split numbers between 1 to 69 and if the seven numbers along with the Powerball matches, you will win the jackpot.
    • MEGA Millions: This is one of the biggest jackpots of America, and it’s the only one that comes with an alternative prize, which is C$5 million.
    • Euro Millions: Here, the prizes are available from two winning numbers. If you win five plus two fortunate stars, your life will change for the better.
    1. Brief History About Gambling In NB: Back in the past, gambling used to be illegal in Canada. But after the amendments of the Criminal Code in 1970, gambling started to become popular in the country and across its various provinces. Now, wagering is available in multiple forms, like sports betting, casinos, and lottery and horse betting.
    2. When The Casino New Brunswick Will Reopen: Popular and well-known Casino New Brunswick announced it would reopen on February 12th, 2021.
    3. New Brunswick And Its Gambling Popularity: Wagering carries an excellent reputation within the province of New Brunswick. Casinos like Grey Rock Entertainment Center, Gateway Woodstock, and the New Brunswick Casino and Hotel are popular tourist destinations. Many individuals come to gamble in these casinos and have big win times.

    The Gaming Authorities

    All wagering activities within this particular province fall under the jurisdiction of NBLGC or New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Commissions. Another independent body is known as the GLSLB or Gaming, Liquor, and Security Licensing Branch. GLSLB is responsible for enforcing and regulating gambling activities. GLSLB is a division of the Department of Justice and Public Safety.

    Best & Trusted Online Casinos To Check Out

    Under this section, you will encounter some trusted, licensed, and reliable casinos available in New Brunswick province. Take a look!

    1. Jackpot Casino: Jackpot Casino is a well-known and trusted Casino in Canada. It’s pretty popular in the NB province and offers a $1600 welcome bonus to all the new players and a 100% match bonus, up to $400.
    2. Spin Casino: Another famous brand offers a $1000 welcome bonus and an RTP of 97.16%. Spin Casino also provides many promotions and unique games.
    3. 888 Casino: This is one of the most-oldest online platforms across the blue planet and carries an excellent reputation within the Canadian market. Using its no bonus code will provide you with a 100% match bonus of $200, along with 25 free spins.
    4. Ruby Fortune: This is a casino where you will win big time. It has many unique games, promotions, bonuses, and prizes. For all first-timers, the brand will provide a $750 welcome bonus.
    5. Play OJO: You will receive all your winnings in the form of cash through this Casino. For the 1st deposit, you will receive 80 free spins, and Play OJO doesn’t have any wagering requirements.

    Exploring The Top Land-Based Casinos In News Brunswick

    You are pretty much well aware of the various online platforms for wagering in NB. Let’s check out the offline/land-based casinos available.

    1. Grey Rock Casino Entertainment Center: Located in the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation Islands, Grey Rock is not just a casino but also a hotel, and it’s not that far away from Saint Basile in New Brunswick. Grey has over 200 bingo, slot, and table games and is owned and operated by the Maliseet tribe brands in Canada.
    2. Casino New Brunswick: Being one of the most popular wagering establishments in NB, Casino New Brunswick is also a popular tourist destination. It’s located in Moncton and is managed and owned by the New Brunswick Great Canadian Gaming. The establishment offers a wide range of unique games like baccarat, poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack. They also have VLT and progressive jackpot slot games available.

    Rating Online Casinos In New Brunswick: How It’s Done?

    When it comes to rating all the online sites in the NB province of Canada, here are some ways they are rated. Check it out.

    • Withdrawal & Banking: When it comes to banking and withdrawal, there are many trusted and well-known methods for that. Neteller, Paysafecard, MasterCard, VISA, Bank Transfer, Trustly, Skrill, PayPal are some of the best withdrawal and banking options available.
    • Payments: Every online Casino has payment options that are safe and secure. These platforms have a diverse range of options that stand out as the best within the market.
    • Bonuses: The platforms provide additional rewards and prizes, which will help in adding to your overall experience.
    • Licensing: It’s essential to learn whether or not a trusted gaming authority licenses the platform. Doing so will allow you to place your wagers confidently.
    • Flawless Platforms: The leading and trusted online platforms will provide all individuals with unique, engaging, and interesting games.
    • Security: All players should conduct all their gambling activities on a platform, which is entirely safe and secure.

    Frequently Asked Questions Or FAQs

    What is the gambling age there?
    The gambling age in News Brunswick is 19.
    How does New Brunswick regulate casinos?
    All the casinos, along with other wagering activities, are regulated by ALC or Atlantic Lottery Corporation.
    Do I have to pay expenses on my gambling winnings in New Brunswick?
    The answer is No. If you are not a professional gambler whose income rivulets by playing at the casinos, you don't have to pay any taxes for your winnings at NB.
    What are the recommended payment methods?
    MasterCard, VISA, and Maestro are some of the recommended payment options.

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