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In a highly competitive environment, online gambling establishments use all possible tools to attract and retain customers, including a low wagering bonus. Online casino advertising is replete with offers of different registration bonuses or the first deposit bonuses when creating a gaming account. Newbies flock to such promotions in the hope of quickly withdrawing money from the deposit. But a wagering requirement without which the withdrawal of funds is almost impossible is waiting for them.

No Wagering Casino Bonus in Canada

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    In this review, we will tell you how to find the best low wagering casino bonus, how to understand the specifics of this concept, and where to find the best low wagering casinos for an exciting game in Canada.

    What Is Good to Know About Low Wager Casino Bonus?

    Usually, attractive bonuses are accompanied by a very high coefficient. A wager is the minimum number of bets that you have to make to withdraw your winnings from the casino to the card.

    To withdraw money, you will have to deal with a wager with x30-60 odds and several additional ones, which significantly slows down the process of receiving winnings. Many players may even decide to leave the casino, leaving the won money there, since it becomes impossible to get money.

    Stay calm because good facts exist: there are bonuses with a low wager or none at all. You need to carefully read the rules of the casino to get the most out of the game and the possible winnings.

    A Low Wager Bonus: The Main Principle of Its Work

    If you take a closer look at the casino bonus low wagering offer for Canadians, you will notice that, as a plus to the size of the bonus as a percentage, there is a certain number. It can be anything that is chosen by casino marketers who have calculated the benefits for the establishment.

    Some Facts About Wagering Requirements

    Welcome Bonus. Casino bonus low wagering offers can be included in the welcome bonus package. These bonuses usually give a very small percentage on the deposit made (no more than 10% for the specified amount).

    Game Currency Bonus. It can be in the form of any game currency that operates only inside this casino (chips, gold, etc.). You can play with it, but later you cannot claiming for its cashing, or transfer it into real money that can be withdrawn to your account.

    The Variety of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

    It should be borne in mind that there are no uniform standards that are valid in every gambling establishment. Casinos are free to come up with various requirements since they are not limited in these actions by the regulator or by internal agreements between participants in the gambling market. In most instant play bonus rules, you can find a possibility to get the main types of bonuses.

    Free Spins With a Presence of Low Wagering Conditions

    The most common bonus is a no deposit gift accrual in the form of free spins of the reels. This bonus can be used only on low wagering slots. There are also some restrictions imposed by the institution. These can be restrictions on the size of the bet, playing on a specified slot, etc.

    Deposit Bonus That Includes No Wagering Requirements

    This bonus asks you to play for real money to get a deposit bonus. The main attractive feature of this bonus offer is the possibility to receive up to 500% on your account.

    Reload Promotions

    These bonus offers are available only to regular customers. They are credited to players weekly or monthly for the total amount of deposits or bets played. The wager rarely exceeds x20, which is low.

    High Roller VIP Offers

    They are available to players who deposit high and play big. Gaming clubs set average wager requirements but sometimes limit gamblers to a small percentage of wagering on slots and other games. Using such lowest requirements, and using bonus codes, the casino attracts the most prospective players to become their dedicated gamblers.

    How to Evaluate the Best Casino Bonuses Low Wagering Requirements

    To choose the best casino bonus offer, the user needs to carefully read it and compare it with promotions from other operators. The conditions you need to draw attention to:

    • Wager
    • Wagering period
    • Available games
    • Limit on rates
    • Maximum withdrawal amount.

    Low Wagering Casino Bonus in Different Online Games

    There exist a big variety of games to win real money, which gives players an extra low wagering bonus.

    Here’s a set of the exclusive wager free or low wagering games to test:

    • Slot Machines: Free spins and bonus rounds are a good chance to win cash fast and easily. Users can enjoy free slots to test their gaming characteristics.
    • Blackjack: No deposit bonus helps to spend fewer costs.
    • Roulette: Free roulette table spins may satisfy any gambler.
    • Poker: An access to the VIP games with the possibility to win a serious prize.

    New Low Wager Bonuses for the Dedicated Players

    There are many other incentives that gaming clubs periodically introduce for their visitors:

    • bonus for replenishment and withdrawal of funds from an account through a specific payment system;
    • referral reward for the referred user;
    • reload bonus. It is a prize that is awarded to gamblers who have not placed bets in an online casino for a long time;
    • promotion on the occasion of big holidays (New Years, Easter, etc.);
    • a present for depositing on a separate day of the week.

    To prevent users from missing great deals, online clubs notify them via e-mail newsletters or publish the latest news on their social networks.


    Low wagering bonuses for deposits have their advantages and disadvantages. They allow to stretch the bankroll amount for the maximum possible number of bets. But even they have certain limitations. Only with experience the client of the gaming portal will be able to understand what offers will allow him to get real benefits. It is worth paying attention to the terms and conditions of the casino bonus policy, as well as to the reviews of regular customers.


    Where is it possible to read about the wagering requirements on the gaming portal website?
    All the requirements are spelled out in the user agreement or in the Casino Rules, which each player should study before registering.
    Is it important to accept the bonuses with a presence of high wagering requirements?
    It is always possible to ignore the bonus and play only and exclusively with your funds. In this case, all restrictions are to be lifted. This is also detailed in the user agreement.
    Can I easily withdraw money at low wagering casinos?
    Yes, it is possible. You need to fulfill the recommended requirements and then there will be no problems with withdrawing money.
    Is it possible to play at low wagering casinos using a mobile phone?
    Yes, many gaming sites try to do their best and provide their users to enjoy casino games on their mobile devices.

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