John Douglas

Chief Editor

  • Age: 37
  • Graduated: Ryerson University


Hi, my name’s John Douglas. Even though I’m new to Super Slot Secrets and how-to/non-fiction publishing, I still have quite substantial experience in the field of corporate and commercial writing. I obtained my major in screenwriting at Ryerson University in Toronto. After that, I’ve got some jobs in the film industry and did different jobs for three years before I launched my own production firm, which I head at the moment. Personally, I completed over 300 productions and TV commercials for our business clients. My personal preferences and traits of character and search for adventures brought me to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, where I’ve picked up a lot of valuable information for my business that ultimately brought us to Super Slot Secrets. I hope you’ll check it out and find my ideas helpful! Best regards and thanks for staying with us.

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